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      USOEC Wrestlers ready for Olympic Trials

      Wednesday marked the 100th day before the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

      A number of United States Olympic Education Center Wrestlers are heading to Iowa City, Iowa this weekend for the Olympic Trials.

      One of those wrestlers is Max Nowry (in blue) in the 55 kilogram or 121 pound class. Nowry is seeded third going into the event, but had been second at times.

      He knows what he has to do to improve and win the trials.

      "More movement, moving the guy, working the angles, not just trying to come into the guy," says Nowry. "Trying to go around and score points on your feet."

      "This is a four year process, and this is what they're been training for the last four years," says USOEC Greco-Roman Wrestling Coach Rob Hermann. "If they're not ready now, then they're not going to be. But mentally I try to tell them that you're going into the tournament knowing you're the best in that weight class. And you're not going there for second because second gets the handshake, and the number one guy gets to go to the Olympics. So if they're not in it to win it, I don't care about their bracketing or their seed, because it's all about being number one."

      "I ended up being second in the two biggest tournaments (in 2011)," says USOEC Wrestler Paul Tellgren. "It's not a big deal because it's anybody's game. You get put in that bracket. Sometimes it's almost better if you're a low seed, and you can get the first seeded guy in the earlier rounds. Then you don't have to beat him in two out of three matches, just once."

      Tellgren and Nowry both compete at 121 pounds.

      The top seed in this weight class is former USOEC athlete Spenser Mango.

      Thirteen Greco-Roman wrestlers from the USOEC will be at the trials. A number of former USOEC grapplers will also battle for an Olympic berth, including 2003 Westwood grad, Tim Bleau.

      Bleau now trains on the US Army team in Fort Carson, Colorado at 163 pounds.

      The USOEC also will send three women to Iowa City for the freestyle trials.