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      Women boxers are hungry for the Olympics

      There is no special treatment. Women who box with the men are trained like the excuses.

      "I treat them the same as the men, and I think that's what's going to make them better; they're boxers and that's what it's all about," said boxing Head Coach Al Mitchell.

      And this sport isn't for the lazy. These women practice 30 hours a week...all year long.

      Mikaela Mayer has been boxing for only three years, but she's already a two-time National Champion and is ranked fourth in the country in the 132 pound weight class.

      "I've always done sports my whole life. My dad had me in everything, and as I got older, I kind of just wanted to try something new, so I just walked into the gym close to my house, picked it up and became addicted," said Mayer.

      Raven Barnes, on the other hand, knew boxing was her calling from a young age. She is a 2010 USA Boxing bronze medalist, and is ranked third in the 178 pound weight class.

      At practice, these women are aggressive and tough, but outside is a different story.

      "I usually don't go around telling people I box; if they do find out, they're like, I never thought you were a boxer. You're so sweet. I'm just like, la la la la la, you know, I'm just like a really nice person," commented Barnes.

      Both athletes have dreams of making it to the Olympics, and their coach doesn't disagree.

      "They're going to be in the Olympic games," Mitchell says. "They're going to be in the Pan American, and they're going to be in the games."

      So keep an eye on these two women. You may see them on a much larger stage in the near future.