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      Wrestling returns to the Olympics in 2020, 2024

      After a long seven month hiatus, the wrestling community has their answer.

      The International Olympic Committee has reinstated wrestling into the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

      They announced the vote Sunday in Buenos Aires.

      FILA, the international governing body of wrestling, spent six months trying to rehabilitate wrestling back into the Olympic lineup, after the IOC surprisingly dropped it back in February.

      Wrestling earned 49 votes, while baseball and softball earned 24 votes. Squash only earned 22.

      One of the reasons the IOC decided to axe wrestling in the first place was that it seemed to be stuck in the past. There seemed to be no room for moving forward. So, that is exactly what the board presented in Argentina to get wrestling solidified until the 2024 games.

      This positive outcome affects wrestlers all over the world training to compete in the Olympics, which includes the USOEC and the U.S. Olympic Training Site at NMU.

      â??Itâ??s kind of unique here,â?? Forrest Karr, NMUâ??s Director of Athletics, said. â??Greco-Roman program is unique and these kids are all trying to participate in the Olympics. The fact that wrestling is going to be around for the 2020 games and the 2024 games just gives more young kids something to shoot for and something to be excited about.â??

      â??This is everything, because we have to have an ultimate goal for where the programâ??s going,â?? Ethan Dondlinger, an USOEC wrestler, said. â??I mean, whatâ??re you wrestling for if you donâ??t have the Olympics?â??

      â??The wrestling community has been really actively involved,â?? Karr added. â??I tip my cap to them... Itâ??s been kind of a unified front. Countries that donâ??t always partner together on international issues have partnered together on this one. Itâ??s an exciting day for wrestling.â??

      The USOEC has an agreement with USA wrestling through the 2016 games, so this vote solidifies the program for the next three Olympic games.

      Wrestlingâ??s reinstatement proves itâ??s not so much a sport of the past anymore, but that of the future.