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      One U.P. All-Star Football player injured at practice

      Courtesy: Todd Goldbeck - Xcel Sports Training

      Lukas Steikar (Rudyard) was injured while practicing with the East All-Stars on Tuesday morning in the Superior Dome. The injury occurred while Steikar was attempting to tackle one of his teammates during a drill that the team was performing at the time. He sustained a vertebra injury (neck) and was taken to Marquette General Hospital, where he was treated for his injury, and released today. He is at home now, and is planning on coming back to Marquette on Friday to be with his teammates at the Banquet and the game Saturday. Steikar will not be playing in the game itself, but will be supporting his team any way he can to help them defeat the West All-Stars for the sixth year in a row.

      Scott Corkin, athletic trainer from Active Physical Therapy (Marquette & Ishpeming locations), was the first to address Steikarâ??s injury, and thanks to his quick and decisive decision-making regarding the injury, Steikar had a swift trip to Marquette General Hospital, where he could be admitted and treated.

      Marquette General Hospital also took every necessary step to ensure that Steikar was treated efficiently and completely, which led to a very short stay in the hospital, and a trip back home to regroup before heading back to Marquette. All medical professionals involved should be commended on their actions.

      Please direct all questions and comments regarding this matter to Todd Goldbeck, organizer of the U.P. Football All-Star Game.,