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      Starting off cloudy this morning with a chance to see some light snow showers. Clouds will gradually clear out throughout the day as strong high pressure off to west builds. Highs today will be in the mid 20's to just about 30. Some areas could see those low 30's in the southern portion of Upper Michigan.

      High pressure will build in and take over the weather controls for the weekend.

      Skies clear overnight tonight and temperatures drop quite quickly. Overnight lows could reach the single digits in the interior locations. Other lows across the U.P. should remain in the teens near 20.

      Saturday brings plenty of sunshine with a west southwest wind. With this temperatures jump to the 30's near 40 in some western locations.

      On Sunday a weak trough or front will slide in from the north. The trough may produce some low cloudiness otherwise look for quiet weather with daytime highs near to above average mainly in the 30s.

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