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      After a cold night, a mild Pacific air mass will take over for the weekend.

      Clear areas over the fresh snow cover will drop well down into the single numbers early Saturday morning. A majority of U.P. locations will fall into the teens with some 20s in areas close to Lake Superior, especially over the Copper Country. On Saturday sunny skies are expected as high pressure that brought the cold night weakens and sinks to the south. West to southwesterly winds will help boost temperatures well into the 30s over the Upper Peninsula.

      A weak trough or wind shift will drop in from the north and will probably produce some clouds mainly over northern sections late Saturday night into Sunday. Otherwise plan on little temperature change through Sunday. However it will likely not be as cold Saturday night.

      The weather will start out quiet with high pressure still in control on Monday. A low spinning over the western U.S. will kick out into the Plains on Monday and then head northeast. At this point it looks like snow and/or rain will develop across the U.P. Tuesday and then continue into part of Wednesday. The best chance of snow from this system looks to be over western sections at this point.

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